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Commando 2 Hacked

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Getting tired of playing 3D role-playing games! Getting exhausted in seeing different games being published with the same plot, same gameplay, and same graphics! Maybe it’s that time for us to go back again and remember the simple yet astonishing gameplay from the past. The society now has been fed up with the idea that the higher the definition of the graphics of the game, the more of a gamer you are, little did they know flash games seemed to have rocked the past. It’s time for us to re-energize our passion in flash games once again! Behold, Commando 2 Hacked!

With 12 different missions divided in 3 levels, Commando 2 Hacked offer us a variety of levels to play on. You decide whether you start on the most difficult back to the easiest one, or start on the easiest one up to the most difficult. We are left with the freedom to choose the level and difficulty we should play on. Sometimes we just have to revitalize that urge to play this game, looking for action. Looking for a challenge. Commando 2 gives us that itch to press and click just like the old times. Granting us with the mission to hit, slay and destroy enemies then defeating the boss without getting killed. 34 choices of weapon, 6 slots to fill, which of these will be your weapons to kill. Commando 2 Hacked provides us with the chance to recall how these types of games look like. From High definition to low-key, from 3 - dimensional back to 2 - dimensional.

Who would not want to go back through time and have an instant time-warp? This game is intended for all types of gamers, from adult to teen to kids as long as you are allowed and have the means to play, you are being called upon. We are inviting everyone back to play and re-conquer the world of flash games. Commando 2 Hacked, designed and reworked just for you.

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